Skills for the Digital Marketing Industry

09 November 2015 325 views

With the breadth of digital marketing career opportunities ever growing, it seems that there has never been a better time to improve your digital skills. So what does the industry look like today? Which skills are most in demand? And most importantly, how can marketers ensure they keep up?

Content Rules Supreme

The rise of content marketing in recent years has been accompanied by an increase in demand for employees with creative skills and in-depth knowledge of digital channels. Many brands are now publishers in their own right and will use a variety of channels to distribute their content. The content effectively becomes the starting point and a marketers’ understanding of each channel’s potential to deliver that content effectively will be key.

Social media plays a vital role in content distribution. However, due to the proliferation of social networks today, marketers need to have a sound knowledge of the market in order to select the most appropriate platforms for their brand. A well-thought out strategy tied in with business objectives is also essential.

Big Data Driving Decisions

Many of us will have heard talk of ‘Big data’ in digital marketing circles but in practice what does this actually mean? Advancements in tracking and monitoring now allow a holistic view of the consumer journey from end-to-end. This means that, rather than viewing digital channels in isolation, marketers can examine the relationship between channels in order to establish the most effective marketing mix. The growing requirement for ‘big data’ means that CRM and web analytics skills are highly sort after and those with a passion for numbers and problem solving will find many fitting career options.

The Age of Mobile

The emergence of mobile has brought huge changes to the digital marketing industry in recent years. People now consume media almost constantly, on their own terms and brands have had to adapt. Smartphones and tablets are personal devices and as such, present marketers with a huge opportunity to get close to their customers when they are most receptive. When used effectively, mobile marketing can be a key enabler in the consumer path to purchase. Knowledge of this complex channel is therefore a true asset for digital marketers.

The ‘Generalist Specialist’

So where should those looking to develop their digital skills start? In the last few years, we have heard the term ‘generalist specialist’ being used in the context of digital marketing careers. The demand in the industry is increasingly for individuals with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing fundamentals as well as specialist skills in a particular niche.

If you are looking to enter the digital job market, starting out with a broad digital qualification can provide the ideal springboard for future career development. A course with a more general syllabus can also help established marketers to fill any knowledge gaps and to collaborate effectively with other digital specialists. The CIM accredited Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by the CAM Foundation provides marketers with all the skills required to plan, implement and analyse successful digital marketing campaigns. The course examines the full spectrum of digital channels from PPC and SEO and email to social media.

Advanced marketers looking to fine-tune their skills in a key area of digital marketing will find that a specialist qualification will give them a step-up in their career. These individuals will find themselves in a unique position to drive forward digital innovation in their chosen field.

The CAM Foundation offers a range of CIM accredited qualifications for those seeking to up-skill for the digital marketing industry. To learn more about our Diploma in Digital Marketing and specialist digital unit awards on topics including Web Analytics and Mobile Marketing, visit our qualifications page or contact us for more information.