And the winner is......

18 April 2016 196 views

Congratulations to the winners of CIM Marketing Excellence Awards winners in the categories of Integrated Marketing Communication -
Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition!
What a night Ladies and Gentlemen! What a night we had.

More than 700 top marketers in one place at the same time buzzing with the excitement of potentially winning the much desired prize. The accolade that rewards you for all the hard work, success, stress and anticipation of waiting for leads and results; for the great team effort that made you all the best of the best!

Congratulations to Engine Group in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant for the awesome 'Missing Type' campaign, winning the category of Customer Acquisition of Integrated Marketing Communications, and hats off to  TLC Marketing on behalf of BUPA for the 'Out of the Blue' Campaign, winning the category of Customer Retention of Integrated Marketing Communication.

Big cheers to all finalists for their outstanding performance. We are proud of you all!